What is the location for drop off and pick up?
Drop off: Wilbur Hall - Otero Dorm Lawn
Pick up: Wilbur Hall - Otero Dorm Lawn

Wilbur Hall - Otero Dorm
658 Escondido Road
Stanford, CA 94305

What time should I drop off and pick up?
Drop off: You can check in between 4:30p and 5:30p on the first evening of camp.
Dinner and introductions will begin at 6:00p on the first night of camp.
Pick up: You can pick up between 11:15a and 11:45a on the last day of camp. 
Athletes will be released at 11:15a. 

How will dorm rooms be assigned?
Stanford Synchro Swim Camp Staff will pair two to three athletes per room. Please email if you would like your camper to be paired with another specific camper.

Will my athlete be allowed to leave the dorm during camp?
Athletes will not be allowed to leave the dorm at night. Stanford Synchro Swim Camp Staff will have activities planned each evening. 

Will parents be allowed to visit the dorm?
Parents will be allowed to visit the dorm during drop off and pick up times, or if there is an emergency. We ask that parents do not stop by the dorm during the week.  

What happens if my athlete has a late-night emergency in the dorm?
Stanford Synchro Swim Camp Staff will stay in the dorm with the athletes. Your athlete will be able to wake any staff member in case of a late night emergency in the dorm. If your athlete requires further attention, we will contact you and use the emergency contact information provided on the registration forms to take necessary action. 

Will the Stanford University dorm provide bedding for the athletes?
The Stanford University dorm will not provide bedding for the athletes. We recommend that your athlete bring their own bedding; however, bedding will be available to purchase at a cost of $44.00 for the duration of camp in case your athlete is unable or does not desire to travel with their own bedding.

Will my athlete need to purchase meals?
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are included in the cost of the camp.
Breakfast and dinner will be served in the dorm cafeteria.
Lunch and snacks will be provided at the pool. Lunch will be served in a shaded area immediately outside of the Avery Aquatic Center.
Athletes will need to bring a refillable water bottle to use throughout the camp. Water-filling stations are located at each facility. 

Will parents be allowed to watch camp?
Parents will be allowed to watch camp. We simply ask that parents remain in the bleachers or upper deck areas, not on the pool deck. 

Is there any special equipment the campers need to bring? 

What to Bring:
  • 2 to 3 swim suits
  • Goggles
  • Swim Caps
  • Noseclips
  • Towel(s)
  • Waterproof Sunscreen and/or Zinc Oxide Cream
  • Shorts or Pants (leggings or tight-fitting shorts preferred)
  • Shirts (tight-fitting shirts preferred)
  • Flip Flops
  • Shoes
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Hat, if desired
  • Rash guard, if desired
  • Bedding, if desired

Will transportation be provided?
Stanford Synchro Swim Camp will not provide transportation from the airport to campus, or from campus to the airport. Please make sure to arrange transportation to and from campus. 
Stanford Synchro Swim Camp Staff will walk the athletes between the dorm and pool.